Novel Erotics

Evening Tea

experimenting with bondage.


Bondage for Beginners Set

A well-heeled suitor pays a visit for high tea, but is in for more than he expected when an elegant woman serves up a dose of bondage with her tea and biscuits! 

Spice up the bedroom with this erotic bondage gift set! This steamy fantasy will keep you coming back for more.

The discreet and elegant "book" package includes a sexy story to inspire you. This sexy gift set contains a paddle, blindfold, feather tickler, rope, mini flogger, wrist restraints, collar and leash, all in black with a soft red lining. 


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A well-heeled suitor pays a visit for high tea, but is in for more than just Earl Grey and biscuits!  Enjoy the story, and make your own fun with Black/ Red restraints, matching collar/leash, blindfold, paddle, a feather tickler, rope, and mini flogger. This steamy fantasy will keep you coming back for more.

The story was unique and fun, and gave us some great ideas for using the cuffs.
— Marie









How To Use Bondage

There are plenty of resources on the internet - we are posting two just to get you started - the one below is sexier; to the left is a more clinical explanation, but very useful as well



Invite your special someone for a weekend getaway, or spark up that business trip with an old flame.  Start your evening with our incredible bubble bath and an enticing story on the inside cover. Our sensual drip candles, with low temperature wax, provide ambiance and edgy pleasure when dripped on your partner.  Soft rope and a fantastic vibrator provide extra edge and a sparkling finish to the evening. 

Write your own adult story.

Pro Tips:  Low Temp Candle Use

The candles included with this kit melt below 110 F.  We've personally tested the candles and they are a delightful sensation - hot, but with no danger of burns from the wax. 

  1. SAFETY FIRST: You are playing with open flames- take care to avoid the flame from coming close to your partner's skin. Have some water handy - even a fire extinguisher, in case the candle is dropped accidentally.
  2. Not all candles are created equal. These candles are created from paraffin and other low temperature waxes.  DO NOT USE metallic, beef tallow or other candles that melt at higher temperatures to avoid burns. 
  3. The wax can be dripped on any part of the body. Of course, more intense sensations will result from more sensitive areas. start by dripping wax from further away from your target, as the wax will cool more before impact.
  4. Playing with hot wax can be super-sensual. Try tapping on the target body area before dropping wax to prepare your partner if they are a little nervous at first. If wax play is going well, break things up a bit with an ice cube - if they are expecting a hot sensation and are greeted with cold, this can be very pleasurable.
  5. Avoid hairy areas (wax is tough to remove!).
  6. Don't use the good sheets!  Wax will also be very difficult to remove from them.


spice up your relationship

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an x-rated erotic adventure.

Oy Vey. This anniversary present for my husband and I from my sister was quite a surprise, but it has already come off the bookshelf a few times. :)
— Lori - New Jersey
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Explore your unspoken S&M desires with The Rendezvous.  The story inside the front cover will spark ideas for our own fantasy story. We've included a beautiful black rosette adorned blindfold to enhance the suspense.  The 2oz sample size Earthly Body 'Naked in the Woods' Massage candle turns any evening into a memorable event. The reusable bondage tape is perfect for restraint or create your own erotic apparel.  Enjoy the elegant and highly effective waterproof vibrator.  Take the ride of your life with the booty plug.   We've included four samples of some flavored and silicone based lubes from our friends at Wicked Sensual Care to help things along! Note:  Try the Salted Caramel Lube - amazing!

Live the real Fifty Shades of Grey.

A Few Tips to Get You Started....

Not sure what to do with that booty plug? Concerned?  Written for females but perfect for anyone, Click here and check out some basics and first timer tips

The Adequate Man also has a well though out and practical guide from the viewpoint of giver and receiver in the Exceedingly Polite Beginners Guide to Anal Sex.

Relax. Enjoy. Bubble bath, massage oil that does triple duty as a lubricant and moisturizer, a waterproof vibrator that is just as effective as it is beautiful, and rose petal scented bath beads make staying in a better option than going out on the town!  A perfect indulgence for you, and a fantastic gift for someone special!  


PLeasure yourself.