Oy Vey. This anniversary present for my husband and I from my sister was quite a surprise, but it has already come off the bookshelf a few times. :)
— Lori

The Rendezvous

Explore your unspoken S&M desires

The story inside the front cover will spark ideas for our own fantasy story. We've included a beautiful black rosette adorned blindfold to enhance the suspense. The 2oz sample size Earthly Body 'Naked in the Woods' Massage candle turns any evening into a memorable event. The reusable bondage tape is perfect for restraint or creating your own erotic apparel. Enjoy the elegant and highly effective waterproof vibrator. Take the ride of your life with the booty plug. We've also included four samples of some flavored and silicone based lubes from our friends at Wicked Sensual Care to help things along! (Note: Try the Salted Caramel Lube - amazing!)

Here are a few more things you should know about the products included in this erotic gift set:

Super velvety silicone vibrator will bring you to new heights of pleasure! This vibe requires a AAA Battery, which is not included! To install battery, unscrew the black bottom of the bullet, insert battery, and re-attach bottom cap. Press button to cycle between the 10 speeds and patterns on the vibrator to find one that suits you. Hold the button for a few seconds to stop the vibrator. You can also remove the silicon sleeve to use the bullet alone.   

Use the bullet for clitoral stimulation – just move it around and see what makes you feel great!  (Everyone is a little different here). Men will enjoy the bullet touching their prostate region or at the base of their penis – explore!

Vibrator can be immersed in water for brief periods of time: If it is used underwater, though, remove silicone coating and dry battery case and interior before reassembling. For external use only!   

Mini-massage candle from Earthly Body is just delightful! Light the candle for ambiance, and pour a bit of the melted oils into your hands to moisturize, lubricate (yep – all natural oils can be a great lubricant!), and of course, massage. Feels especially sensual when the oils are nice and warm.

Booty (anal) plug can provide spectacular stimulation and orgasms in both men and women. Experimenting with anal sex and using butt plugs for the first time can be a little intimidating, but the following suggestions will help you get started:

  • Lubricant, both on the toy, and on/in your anal region, is a must. Don’t skimp.  
  • Relax, and go slow. This is not a race. If you are inserting a plug, or a body part into someone’s anus, take it very slowly, and let the receiver determine how much, and how fast. 
  • Explore a position that works best for you to be comfortable with the toy: try inserting the toy while you are laying on your back with bottom area elevated a bit with a pillow, or on all fours (aka doggy style). You can also squat and gently sit down on the plug if you are on your own.
  • While anal play can be accomplished relatively mess-free, be prepared for the alternative. Have a washcloth or paper towel handy when you remove the toy.
  • Thoroughly wash toys after use with soap and water. Plugs can also be sterilized in your dishwasher. We also recommend a quick wash before use as well.
  • Enjoy!!!

Blindfolds are not only pretty, but they serve a sexy purpose – when you remove the ability to use one sense, it not only heightens other senses, but increases the suspense and anticipation as your partner ponders another round of massage with a surprise placement of the vibrator!


Not sure what to do with that booty plug? Concerned? Watch the video below for some basics and first timer tips: