I got so turned on reading Fifty Shades of Grey but I was intimidated to try S&M for myself. When my hubby surprised me with this erotic gift set, it took our sex life to whole new heights!
— Janet

Hotel Affair

Ready to spice up your love life with a little BDSM experimentation? Take a walk on the wild side with our Hotel Affair erotic "book" gift set. Here are a few things to know before you play:

Bullet bunny vibrator comes with battery. To activate battery, remove the silicone cover, unscrew the battery cover, and remove the white protective shield. Vibrator can be immersed in water for brief periods of time. (If it is used underwater, though, remove silicone coating and dry battery case and interior before reassembling.) For external use only! We advise not inserting unless you enjoy trips to the emergency room to fish it out!! 

Drip candles are specially formulated with a wax that melts at a low temperature for dripping on the skin. These sexy candles are great for creating pleasurable and intense sensations without burning the skin or creating colorful patterns. Avoid hairy areas – wax will be tough to remove! Remember, it’s still a candle so take care the flame does not come into direct contact with skin! Click here to learn more about using our Japanese low temperature wax drip candles. 

Safewords are special code words you and your partner choose together to keep things safe and consensual while exploring BDSM and roleplay. Pick a word/words that signal how you are feeling – something as basic as green (keep going), yellow (slow down)/ red (stop now) might be helpful.  

Soft cotton rope can spice up your love life! When using rope, leave a finger of space between the rope and skin so circulation is not cut off. Use common sense! Trust is key. Make sure you and your partner both agree, and set a safeword for each of you to use to stop ‘playing’ if overwhelmed, in pain, etc.  


The video below explains a quick and easy way to tie up your partner's wrists: