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Bondage for Beginners Set

Curious about tying up your partner?  Or being restrained yourself?   Bondage may not be for everyone, but many feel less inhibited, and able to explore sexual fantasies and enjoy sex in a way they don't allow themselves to otherwise.  Lets get started with a few basics!

Rope can be used in a very basic manner to restrain, but if you are feeling artistic, use it to create a little work of art at the same time. When using any rope, make sure it has a fairly soft feel, and leave enough space to insert a finger between the body and rope to prevent cutting off circulation!   

Wrist cuffs are great for restraint and easy to put on! The soft red fur lining keeps things comfortable but still sexy.  Use the D-shaped metal rings to attach them to something else – a leash, ropes, etc.    

Collars and leashes just get us all hot and bothered here - it's so fun to 'take control' of your partner and give them instructions to please you.  Sometimes, it is just a simple way for someone to give up control and decision making - just enjoying the moment.

Blindfolds aren’t necessary for bondage, but they are fantastic for maintaining some mystery, and allow your partner to focus on other sensations – like the feather tickler also included in the set.  Stroke the feather on delicate skin – the inside of a forearm, or the breast/nipple area to bring pleasure.   

Trust is an important part of bondage - which is why long term relationships are a great place to experiment.  Even if you feel you know your partner inside and out, safe words are important for quick communication with each other, without ruining the mood.  We suggest something simple and easy to remember, like green/yellow/red.  Just like a stoplight, green indicates full speed ahead, yellow means slow down/pause a moment, and red should be used when play should be completely and immediately stopped.

The story was unique and fun, and gave us some great ideas for using the cuffs.
— Marie


Learn the basics of bondage play in this helpful video: