What is it?  Individuals, bloggers, or webmasters can sign up to receive marketing links to the novelerotics.com website which contain a unique link.  This link is tracked when customers click the link from your website, facebook post, email, etc., and when a purchase occurs, the affiliate receives a commission.   Sound great?  Read on for more details...

Program Details & Sign-Up

  • Customized marketing material available for all social media, websites and email, facebook for you to use
  • 10% base commission on all Novel Erotics purchases referred by you/ your site, with special promotions offered monthly with cash bonuses or higher commissions.  For our 'Novels', base commission is $5.50 - $6.50 each. 
  • You will be credited with any purchase made by a customer from your link for 90 days from the initial click.
  • Payments are made to you via paypal the month after purchase.
  • Interested?  Enter your email below.  You will be redirected to our affiliate page managed by leaddyno.com. and asked to provide your paypal account email.   You will receive a unique affiliate link, confirmation email, and more program info.  
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